Kastaş is committed to protecting the environment and nature in all areas of its operations and takes responsibility for a sustainable future.

“Environmental Awareness” is taken into consideration based on the elimination of environmental sustainability risks arising from procurement and production processes, products and services, and facility management.

In line with the “Environmental Policy”, priority is given to protecting the environment and the natural resources in all processes, from raw material supply to delivering products to customers.

Kastaş is committed to a cleaner environment and a healthy future, and demonstrates its environmental awareness through:

Classifying the wastes generated during production, working to recover them, and disposing of the non-recyclable wastes in a way that does not harm the environment and is in accordance by the law

Carrying out studies to increase the environmental responsibility awareness of our employees and suppliers by providing relevant training

Ensuring that the Environmental Policy is adopted by the whole organization with a participatory approach

Adopting and measuring the environmental performance of all our activities, with the philosophy of continuous development and improvement, and a preventive approach

Incorporating into the Environmental Policy recycling and reuse alternatives by reducing the waste that may occur as a result of transportation, storage, operation and maintenance activities



As Kastaş Sealing Technologies, we continue to grow as a global sealing element manufacturer to be accessible to our customers worldwide and to supply our high-quality products to our customers as soon as possible.

The International Sealing Conference, the world's most important Sealing Technologies Conference, has been held biennially by Stuttgart University...


As Kastaş, we took place at the event 'Pedal to Education' organized by Ege Çağdaş Eğitim Vakfı (Aegean Region Foundation of Contemporary Education)..

October 2020

The "Detection of Operating Temperatures of Elastomers at Low Temperatures" initiated under the leadership of Kastaş in 2014 within the body of ESA (European Sealing Association) was prepared as a draft standard by 5 member companies over a period of 4 years.

April 2020

Kastaş, as one of the leading manufacturers of Turkey and the world in sealing technologies had produced and delivered 11 different sealing elements for the “Mechanical Ventilator” that manufactured in Turkey in a short period of time, thanks to our devoted R&D, sales team and production engineers.


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